Writing and Publishing Around the Web: October 2011

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s my favorite links on writing and publishing during the month of October.

Agent Rachelle Gardner hosted a guest post on the important question: Do Writers Need to Think about SEO?

Agent Mary Kole posted some handy tips for writing character self-description in first person narratives.

The QueryTracker.net blog posted an article on social networking for writers.

Author Patricia C. Wrede discusses all the hats authors need to wear for their careers.

Author Jim C. Hines tries to answer the questions: Should Writers Blog, and Why?

Author Gail Carson Levine gives some tips on writing more effective description.

Darcy Pattison discusses using dialogue in exposition.

Author Elana Johnson talks about the importance of deleting content when editing.

At Shrinking Violet Promotions (marketing for introverts), author R.L. LaFevers talks about what sells middle grade books.

One of my favorite blogs on the business side of being a writer, The Passive Voice, posted a series of two articles on using voice recognition software to write; first, from the perspective of a lawyer, and second, from the perspective of a novelist.

Author/editor Josi S. Kilpack discusses the minimum financial investments you should make in your career as a writer.

Author Janice Hardy posts on both writing queries and writing a synopsis.

Author Juliette Wade discusses the many paths to a writing career.

Author Jennifer Duddy Gill lists some great books on the craft of writing.

And Bryan Thomas Schmidt gives us 9 tools for character development.

As ever, check out my group podcast/blog: Writing Snippets.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the latest episodes of my other favorite podcasts:

Writing Excuses and Wordplay.

If you have any favorite articles or blog posts on the craft or business of writing and publishing, share them in the comments.


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